> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Buying a Horse in Russia

Finding a horse which suits you the best is not an easy job, especially if you are looking for it in a foreign country. Where to look for a horse for all-purpose, sport or amateur riding In Russia, how to choose the one among the Russian breeds? Alfa Horse managers will be glad to help you in this search and purchase and will find for you a four-legged partner suiting all your wishes.

Alfa Horse company cooperates with Russian studs breeding horses of different types and strains. The companys experts develop a continually updated data base of horses offered for sale in Russia and the Union of Independent Countries. Afla Horse already has an experience of successful deals of purchase of single horses as well as lots consisting of a large amount of horses.

Russian equestrian market is enhancing its development now. Orlov Trotters and Russian Riding horses, as well as Budenny, Don, Karachai and Kabardine got a special popularity. The export of Heavy Draught horses is also active. There are also Akhal-Teke and Arabian horses for sale.

Alfa Horse is ready to organize your trip to Russia and to work out the following items:
- the plane ticket reservation;
- proceeding the visa;
- transfer;
- accommodations;
- interpreter and transportation services.

If you buy a horse with Alfa Horse, no matter of the price of the purchase and the additional services you receive, you will get not only the professional consultation but the free due diligence of the purchase deal. The companys lawyers will work out all the contracts, engagements and acts needed and do it with account of all the particular aspects of the deal.

There are the additional services offered by Alfa Horse for its clients buying a horse:
- veterinary surgeons service;
- horse delivering by air as well as ground transport;
- horse insurance.

Alfa Horse guarantee the fare deal and the matching of a purchased horse to the qualities announced for it. Alfa Horse represents the interests of the final consumer of the services; the company doesnt lobby any sellers or breeders interests. The main goal of Alfa Horse is finding of an ideal horse for its client.


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