> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Vacations in Russia

Unusual beauty and uniqueness of Russian nature attracts more and more foreign tourists. Dense vast forests, picturesque hills, water mirror of the rivers, the variety of flora and fauna – all this makes up our riches and pride. The history of Russian land and people, it’s customs and traditional way of life are also of great interest.
Alfa Horse company cooperates with the best Russian countryside mansions and holiday hotels. Our company proposes you the most divers vacations in the beautiful corners of Russian land.

We have a special offer for the fans of informative vacations: the fascinating excursions to the most curious historical sights. You will have a chance to stay in the country houses near ancient settlements saturated with the spirit of old Russian traditions, to plunge into Russian olden times.

Those who prefer outdoor activities can enjoy staying at the recreation facilities specialized in mountain skiing, the variety of water sports, horse riding etc. provided by our company. The hunters are welcome to the traditional Russian hunt in the places rich with game animals.
If you appreciate the beauty of the nature you can choose the recreation facilities with amazing views, surrounded by the magnificent pine-trees, at the riversides or lake shores.

Everyone will discover something special for his heart and find something new in a country so rich with the recreational potential as Russia.



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