> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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About Company


Alfa Horse is the company that provides services on the horse breeding market, specializes not only in choosing horses of different breeds and disciplines, but also in providing vast range of services – from legal support in purchase and sale to working out specialized horse diet.


Alfa Horse – it is your calmness and confidence in any transaction connected with horses whether purchase and sale or transportation and special equipment delivery.


Alfa Horse guarantees that every seller will find reliable and friendly customer, and every customer can be absolutely sure, he will buy the very horse of his dream.  


New arrivals

  • №172

    Кличка: №172
    Порода: Андалузская
    Год рождения: 0

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  • №355

    Кличка: №355
    Порода: Малопольская
    Год рождения: 2004

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  • №296

    Кличка: №296
    Порода: Лузитано
    Год рождения: 2006

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  • №321

    Кличка: №321
    Порода: Липицианская
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №381

    Кличка: №381
    Порода: Ольденбургская
    Год рождения: 2010

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