> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Horse Insurance

Alfa Horse company is an official agent of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, the leader of Russian insurance market.
Alfa Horse company offers for the private horse owners and horsebreeding farms the horse insurance service at the Ingosstrakh prices. The Ingosstrakh assurances are accepted in Russia as well as abroad. Companys experts consult the clients on the subject of the optimal choice of insurance items, calculate the assurance price, prepare and complete all the documents needed.
Insurance Objects
Horses of different breeds, specialization and use, aged 3 months and more.
Insurance Items
- Death or necessity destroy as a result of:
- illness (according to the enclosed individual list);
- accidents (including those occurring during breeding procedures);
- natural hazard;
- injury (happened while training or competition; at the horses usual place of stay, such as a box);
- veterinary authoritys order in the case of the epizootic outbreak struggle or incurable disease which rules out further use of the animal;
- malevolent actions of third parties;
- fire;
- The loss of sport or breeding value of the horses;
- The theft with illegal penetration, robbery.
Corrections or additions can be made in this list individually.
The insurance charge
The price of an assurance is calculated individually for every case and depends on the set of the insurance items chosen by a client from a proposed list at his own discretion. In the case of a standard set of insurance items and the insurance term of one calendar year the price can compose from 1,5 to 5,5% of the horses declared price.
Our advantages
- We support the insurance transaction from the moment of the clients address to the Alfa Horse company and during the whole term of assurance.
- We consult our clients on the insurance before the assurance is made.
- The Ingosstrakh assurances are accepted not only in Russia but abroad.



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