> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Our history


“Alfa Horse” was organized by the group of professionals in April 2008 and has already worthy reputation on the horse market. For our team horses and equestrian sport – the deal of all our life. Exactly therefore we are aware of problems in the horse industry, we can solve them competently and what is more important, we can prevent them.


Today “Alfa Horse” successfully represent the major Russian stud farms. The amount of horses for sale is permanently increasing. The success of “Alfa Horse” is explained by the fact that a customer, saving efforts and time, get optimally chosen horse and all needed documents for it.


New arrivals

  • №485

    Кличка: №485
    Порода: Голштинская
    Год рождения: 2008

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  • №304

    Кличка: №304
    Порода: Чешская теплокровная
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №128

    Кличка: №128
    Порода: Ганноверская
    Год рождения: 2002

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  • №132

    Кличка: №132
    Порода: Чистокровная верховая
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №438

    Кличка: №438
    Порода: Голландская теплокровная
    Год рождения: 2010

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