> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Budyonny Horse


The Budyonny is a breed of horse from Russia developed for use as military horses. NowadaysBudyonny is used as a universal competition horse: in dressage, showjumping, three-day eventing, endurance. They are also used as light carriage horses. The breed is fast, agile, enduring, which allows them to be used for many different events.


Budyonny stallions stand on average 165 cm, mares – 163 cm. The coat is generally chestnut with a golden sheen, they may also be bay, gray or black. They have a well-proportioned head with a straight profile, a long neck, pronounced withers, sloping shoulders, a wide, deep chest, a long, straight back, and a slightly sloping croup. Their legs are long and strong with good joints and well-formed hooves. The modern horse has a strong build, good bone, and is quite similar to the Thoroughbred.
The most widespread lines ofBudyonny horses today: Beskarny, Sagara, Rubilnik, Codex, Chimkent, Nabat, Effect.

Breeding area:

The climate of the central Russia is the most suitable for breedingBudyonnyhorses. The largest studs are concentrated in the Rostov region.


New arrivals

  • №263

    Кличка: №263
    Порода: Арабо-кабардинская
    Год рождения: 2000

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  • №441

    Кличка: №441
    Порода: Лузитано
    Год рождения: 2010

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  • №9

    Кличка: №9
    Порода: Латвийская
    Год рождения: 2003

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  • №38

    Кличка: №38
    Порода: Ганноверская
    Год рождения: 2007

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  • №82

    Кличка: №82
    Порода: Ахалтекинская
    Год рождения: 2004

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