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Orlov Trotter


The Orlov Trotteris the most famous Russian horse, noted for its outstanding speed and stamina. The possibility of the complete extinction of the Orlovs was a concern in the 20th century because of crossbreeding and the Soviet disregard of horse-raising. However, the breed survived, and today fifteen stud farms in Russia and the Ukraine raise pure-blooded Orlov Trotters.


The Orlov trotters are in general taller and more robust than Standardbreds. The average current high in weathers for Orlov breeding stallions is 162 cm and for breeding mares – 160 cm. In appearance, the Orlovs are characterized by a big head, large expressive eyes, a long and naturally arched neck set high, prominent withers and broad croup. The body is muscular. The legs are strongly built, with prominent joints and clearly defined tendons.
Due to its Arabian origins, many Orlovs are grey, at maturity, though all are born a darker colour at birth. At maturity, the colors of Orlovs are: grey, black, bay or chestnut.
Now in this breed there are eight main lines. Among them Pion's line is leading. Other lines are: Ulov, Pilot and Kvadrat. Less widespread are horses by Otboy and his sons, Lunatik and Corsair.

Breeding area:

The modern studs are located in different regions of Russia: Hrenovskoy, Chesmensky, Moscow, Perm studs.


New arrivals

  • №237

    Кличка: №237
    Порода: Ганноверская
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №395

    Кличка: №395
    Порода: Ольденбургская
    Год рождения: 2006

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  • №485

    Кличка: №485
    Порода: Голштинская
    Год рождения: 2008

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  • №423

    Кличка: №423
    Порода: Ганноверская
    Год рождения: 2008

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  • №313

    Кличка: №313
    Порода: Ахалтекинская
    Год рождения: 2008

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