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In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Russian Trotter


The Russian Trotter was developed in Russia to create a horse with a faster trotting speed than the older Russian Orlov Trotter breed. Being the fastest trotter in the world, the Standardbred was crossed with the Orlov Trotter, producing faster animals but of lower quality. Further breeding produced a larger trotter of better quality. Breed is used in the Russian races, is more rare – in equestrian sport, generally – showjumping.


Thebreedstandsbetween 158and 165cm.The Russian Trotter has a plain head, long and muscular neck, and long, sloping shoulders. The chest is wide and deep. The legs are strong with clearly defined tendons, but frequently have a knock-kneed and sickle-hocked conformation, causing the feet to move outward as they move. Although it is technically a defect, it does allow them to more easily lengthen their stride and thus can be an advantage for the racing animals. The pasterns are fairly upright, and the bone is generally too light.The breed is usually bay in color, but can be chestnut, black or gray.
Modern horses of the Russian trotter breed treat generally the Aloyshi-Podarka lines, Gildeytsa.

Breeding area:

The leading studs of the Russian Trotter are located in Poltava region, Saratov region, Voronezh region, Tambov region and Bashkir republic.


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