> 14 january 2015 There is a time to buy horse in Russia!

In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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For sellers


    One of the services provided by Alfa Horse is to search and choose horses of different breeds, age and multi-purpose use. In connection with this, we create, expand and support unique for Russia data base of horses for sale.

Alfa Horse propose manufacturers and horses owners distribution services for there livestock for sale. Our company will help to realize Your horses on a free basis. We also would like to remind you that by the market law advertising can not be excessive, even for very qualitative and positively proved manufacturer.

If you are:

- the private owner

Our company will place all the presented information and photo of Your horse in the operational database, catalogue on the site of Alfa Horse.

For the horse placement in the catalogue of the Alfa Horse, there must be the following steps:

1. To take pictures of the horse for sale.
2. To make a description of the horse for sale (download and fill in a form).
3. All the materials, derived in the Step 1 and Step 2, send on the e-mail of Alfa Horse.
4. To connect with the managers of Alfa Horse for possible clarifying and correction of the placing materials.
In case of selling more than three horses, which are in the same stable, an expert of Alfa Horse could take their pictures and derive all the needed materials.

If you are:

- the juridical person

Alfa Horse distribution services can be presented as the following scheme of cooperation:

1. Commodity producer should contact with the managers of Alfa Horse.
2. To hold the preliminary cooperation negotiations.
3. To come to arrangement about possible expert coming to producer for taking pictures and making a description of horses for sale (company-financed).
4. To sign a joint work contract during the meeting.
5. Parties to take direct actions, mentioned in the cooperation contract.


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