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Akhal-Teke Horse


The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan.Most of these horses are breed in Turkmenistan and Russia.These horses are adapted to severe climatic conditions and are thought to be one of the oldest existing horse breeds. The Akhal-Teke, due to its natural athleticism, is good at dressage, show jumping, eventing and racing. The most famous was the Akhal-Teke stallion, Absent, who won the Grand Prix Dressage at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome being ridden by S. Filatov.


The Akhal-Teke typically stands between 147 and 163 cm. These horses are well known for their golden buckskin or palomino color, a result of the cream gene that also produces the perlino and cremello colors. A number of other colors are recognized, including bay, black, chestnut, and grey. Many Akhal-Tekes have a natural metallic sheen to their coat, particularly noticeable on horses with cream gene colors. The Akhal-Teke has a refined head with predominantly a straight or slightly convex profile, and long ears. The mane and tail are usually sparse. The long back is lightly muscled, and is coupled to a flat croup and long, upright neck. The Akhal-Teke possesses sloping shoulders and thin skin.
The most numerous is the line by Skak, which takes its head from Boynou. Posman's line is presented by a large number of horses and also there goes back to Boynou, as well as the line by the Arab. Lines by Fakirpelvan, Gelishikli are also popular today.

Breeding area:

In Russia the main studs of elite horses of Akhal-Teke breed is concentrated in central Russia and the North Caucasus.


New arrivals

  • №94

    Кличка: №94
    Порода: Голландская теплокровная
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №227

    Кличка: №227
    Порода: Украинская верховая
    Год рождения: 2000

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  • №144

    Кличка: №144
    Порода: Русская верховая
    Год рождения: 2004

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  • №258

    Кличка: №258
    Порода: Тракено-венгерская
    Год рождения: 2003

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  • №140

    Кличка: №140
    Порода: Шетлендский пони
    Год рождения: 2007

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