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In case of the today developed economic and political situation, Russian horses are considerably fell in price.

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Bashkir Horse


The Bashkir is the horse breed from the Bashkir, the southern region of Russia. The origins of the Bashki rhorse are not known. In the nineteenth century its economic value was recognised, and steps were taken to increase both its working abilities. These horses are used as aproducer of milk and meat today.


The Bashkir is a small horse, standing about 142 cm high. It is wide in the body and deep-chested, has a large head and a short neck, low withers and a flat back. The legs are short with heavy bone; can nonbone diameter may reach 20 cm. The commonest coat colours are bay, chestnut, mouse grey and roan. The mane and tail are thick and the coat is also thick and often curly. There are two distinct types of Bashkir horse: a smaller, lighter mountain type used mainly for riding, another type used for meat and milk.The Bashkir horse is remarkably hardy. These horses are able to live in the open in winter in snow and blizzard conditions where temperatures may reach -40°C.

Breeding area:

It is raised mainly in Bashkortostan, a republic within the Russian Federation which lies to the West of the Ural Mountain. The centre of breeding is the capital, Ufa.


New arrivals

  • №134

    Кличка: №134
    Порода: Будённовская
    Год рождения: 2001

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  • №349

    Кличка: №349
    Порода: Лузитано
    Год рождения: 2008

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  • №68

    Кличка: №68
    Порода: Русская спортивная
    Год рождения: 2005

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  • №139

    Кличка: №139
    Порода: Украинская верховая
    Год рождения: 2007

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  • №186

    Кличка: №186
    Порода: Фризская
    Год рождения: 2005

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